5 Best Autumn Places in Georgia

Sometimes it is hard to plan a vacation in Georgia, knowing how many interesting places are waiting for you there. We decided to help you a bit by choosing our five favourite autumn destinations – of course, except of Tbilisi, which is always attractive, and Batumi, in all its Indian summer glory. Autumn is the […]

About Georgia

Georgia is located on the crossroad of Europe and Asia. It lays at the eastern end of the Black Sea, with Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the east, and Russia to the north, over the Caucasus Mountains. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi. Georgia’s total territory covers 69,700 square kilometers. Population […]

History of Georgia

Georgia has the dubious distinction of being one of the most invaded nations on Earth. As a nation at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, it has been marked by war for ages. From the I century BC to the XVIII century AD the Greeks, Romans, Persians, Arabs, Ottomans and Russians have all attempted to […]

10 Facts about Georgia

Cradle of Wine – Winemaking has been practiced in Georgia for over 8,000 years. There is a distinctive winemaking technology: grape juice together with the seeds and skin is buried under the ground in clay vessels called “Qvevri” Unique alphabet – one of 14 independent alphabets in the world. Three cultural monuments which are included […]